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About dry bonsai

Living bonsai requires a great deal of time, skill and effort, such as watering, replanting, branching, fertilization, and pest control.

On the other hand, dry bonsai is a new style of bonsai that is easy, does not die, and is beautiful without maintenance.

Some bonsai that should live for many years have a long life or die by mistake.

Carefully selected from them, the soil is removed, the whole is dried cleanly, and unnecessary branches and roots are pruned and trimmed to complete.

In addition, we will add another uniquely dried leaf and preserved branches and leaves to add a novel charm to the historical feeling of the original bonsai.

How to care and appreciate

Dry bonsai does not require maintenance. Please do not give water.

You can appreciate the natural curves and beauty of bonsai, including roots, bark, GIN, and SHARI. Since it is dried, there is no problem even if the tip of the branch or the bark of the tree breaks a little or peels off naturally.

Please enjoy changing to a new shape.

Profile of Bonsai artist SHIGEO FUJITA

Born in 1965 Birthplace: Chiba

I opened a mini bonsai shop in Harajuku in 1992 and a bonsai bar in Ebisu in 2001.

He has always proposed new bonsai styles and created new markets and the next generation of bonsai.

In 2018, the innovative DRY BONSAI® was registered as a trademark, and Tokyo GINZA Salon opened in March 2019.

We will announce a new maintenance-free bonsai style that will become a global standard.


About Sales Consultation Salon

Introducing the Dry Bonsai TOKYO Ginza Salon

Ginza, which is located almost in the center of Tokyo’s 23 wards, is known as a sophisticated walking spot for adults, with luxury brand shops and famous restaurants.

“Dry Bonsai Tokyo Ginza Salon” opened in 2019 to blend in with the streets of Ginza.

At this salon, we will deliver the charm of “dry bonsai”, a high-society bonsai artwork unique to Ginza.

I am looking forward to seeing you from the bottom of my heart.

Please refer to the following URL for shop information.

Introducing the Dry Bonsai Kyoto Salon

Kyoto, a historic city representing Japan, is also renowned as one of the world’s premier tourist destinations.

Its charm lies in providing opportunities for visitors, particularly from abroad, to experience Kyoto’s unique culture that they might not ordinarily encounter in their daily lives.

Seamlessly blending with the historic and enchanting townscape of Kyoto, the “Dry Bonsai Kyoto Salon” opened in the early summer of 2023.

At our salon, we present the allure of dry bonsai – a form of bonsai art that beautifully harmonizes with Kyoto’s unique and refined culture.

We offer a range of services, starting with direct sales of exhibited items, consultations for fully customized orders, and even shipping abroad.

Moreover, we plan to host regular dry bonsai hands-on workshops and other events in the future.

We sincerely look forward to your visit.

Please refer to the following URL for shop information.